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  • Tue Nov 2019

    Applications for RSU International Student Conference 2020 now open!
    Riga Stradins University (RSU) will host the annual RSU International Student Conference 'Health and Social Sciences' on 27 and 28 March 2020. This will be the 70th iteration of the largest international student conference in the Baltics! The conference will… View More →

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Costs that can be overlooked for International Students

Written by GSC Admin on 25 Nov 2020. Posted in Blog

If you're thinking of pursuing a Master's degree abroad and money is the first thing on your mind, then a free programme looks like a perfect option. It is very necessary to note, however that the tuition fee is not the only aspect that is key to your financial planning. We're going to look at…

1. Administrative costs at the university

Although many universities offer free degree programmes, administrative costs typically come with them. These can cover materials relevant to your registration, such as books or records. Although administrative costs are not very high, typically ranging from EUR 150 to 250 per semester, they add up to your studies' overall expenses and you should keep that…

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