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Study in SouthAfrica

Every year Global Visas helps thousands of international students enrol in universities and secure student visas for countries around the world, including South Africa. Our experienced, dedicated team of Student Counsellors provides the expertise and assistance that you need to pursue your plans to go to college or university in South Africa. To find out more about how we can help you, click on the link below and take the free visa assessment. One of our trained consultants will contact you directly, and will work with you personally from your initial enquiry through to starting you course abroad.

Colleges and universities in South Africa are gaining popularity as a destination for international students, offering over 30 recognized universities and numerous colleges and trade schools. To make the most of your application efforts for the school in South Africa of your choice, it's critical that all of your application materials are completed thoroughly and professionally. If you would like to attend a school, college or university in South Africa, please read below to find out exactly how Global Visas can help you achieve this goal.

Even if you've selected an area of study, finding the right school in South Africa can be challenging. With over 30 universities and numerous colleges and technical institutes spread across the country, the decision can be overwhelming without proper guidance and support. Global Visas' Student Counsellors are prepared to help you select the school in South Africa that best suits your needs. Utilizing a network of professional education contacts, we'll work with you personally to help you put your plan into action. From finding the right program at the right institution to applying and enrolling for a South African education, Global Visas will provide you with the highest standard of assistance available.

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