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Study in Philippines

Deciding to continue your higher studies in a country outside of your own is an exciting and brave venture… and the Philippines cannot be overlooked as an attractive choice in Southeast Asia. Its diverse and multi-lingual culture, its low cost of living, its beautiful scenery and the prestige of its educational establishments have made the Philippines a popular choice for study – with 5,000 international students currently reaping the benefits available there.

Capital: Manila
Population: Approximately 98.39 million (2013)
Size:Approximately 300,000 km²
Time Zone:UTC+08:00
Currency:Philippine pesoCurrency Calculator
Official Languages:English, Filipino

All visa formalities are processed through the university.

The Philippines places a great deal of importance on education and its impressive 93.9% literacy rate is a testament to that. Its educational institutions, which follow the US college system, have a high academic calibre - particularly the University of the Philippines which is consistently ranked the country’s top University. The most popular universities for both study abroad programmes and full-time enrolment are generally located in the country’s capital of Manila however, depending on subject, there are other universities throughout the country. Once the University application has been accepted, the process to obtain a student visa for the Philippines is appealingly straightforward, making the incredible experience of studying in the Philippines more attainable than imagined. 

As the world’s 3rd largest English-speaking nation, the Philippines provides huge knowledge resources, up-to-date instruction, and a multicultural learning atmosphere with its 93.9% literacy rate. It is home to a number of ISO-certified universities and 275 higher educational institutions identified as Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development. There are also several international schools in the Philippines which are on American, British, German, Chinese, French, and Japanese educational tracks.

MBBS in Philippines is one of the finest options available for Indian students. Philippines provide top class medical education in a safe environment and at affordable cost.

Philippines has developed the education system, similar to the USA. Thus after High School (Grade 10) the students join a Bachelors Degree. Those who want to study Medicine does the Pre-Medicine Bachelor of Science in Biology, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy. After which they sit for National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) exam then they enroll for 4 years medical course known as Doctor of Medicine (MD). The MD degree awarded in USA / Philippines is equivalent to MBBS of UK / Commonwealth Countries. Philippines is the world's Second largest exporter of Physicians after India.


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