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Study in Germany

Germany is a great destination for international students and offers : High quality university education Accessibility for international applicants A safe and welcoming environment High living standards Excellent employment prospects

Germany lies in the center of Europe. It is the largest member state of the European Union, with over 82 million inhabitants. Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and many others are renowned for their cultural diversity, vibrant lifestyle and historic heritage. Museums, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, galleries, cinemas... - the wide range of cultural activities offers something for everybody. And a trip across Germany is a journey through just about every cultural epoch.

Germany ranks 1st in Europe for the highest number of newly registered patents, and it ranks 2nd in the world, after the USA. Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and the 3rd largest in the world.

The most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe is German.

Germany is home to some of the world's leading companies in many areas, such as information technology, health care, biotechnology and the automotive industry, making it the world's leading export nation.

Germany has a long tradition of academic excellence in education, science and research.

Today, about 250,000 foreigners are studying in Germany, making it the 3rd most popular host country for international students after the USA and UK.

There is hardly another country in the world that boasts such a density of higher education institutions: More than 370 universities, universities of applied sciences as well as colleges of art and music cover over 400 disciplines and, thus, offer the possibility of pursuing almost any specialization or research project you may have in mind.Many German universities offer courses that are taught in English and lead to international degrees, such as Bachelor, Master or PhD.

German universities combine theoretical learning with practical application, often in an interdisciplinary environment. In addition, many universities cooperate closely with multinational companies as well as with other research institutes in Germany and abroad.

With over 350 research institutes, Germany offers all students, scientists, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates one of the finest academic environments available in the world today.

Prominent fields of study popular with foreign students include: Engineering Sciences, Natural Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, as well as degrees in the Arts, Music, Architecture and Design.

Tuition fees at public German universities are very moderate. For most universities, only a small administrative fee is levied. Some charge tuition fees of ca. EUR 500 per semester. Living expenses amount to around EUR 650-700 per month, depending on the region.

fgNoted as much for its rich culture as for its illustrious scientific achievements, France is unsurprisingly one of the top education destinations for international students. In fact, in 2007, France welcomed 265,000 international students that constituted 14% of its student population.

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