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About Global Study Centre Private Limited

Global Study Centre Pvt.Ltd. is an AIRC Certified and also trained agents of ICEF and it is a leading Overseas Education Consultancy. Our team of young professionals is lead by experts and benefits from guidance of several internationally reputed Legal advisors and experienced experts. We assist Indian students seeking admissions in globally recognized education programs offered by famous academic institutions all over the world. Global Study Centre is a leading provider of student recruitment solutions in India. Our recruitment solutions are more than a range of products – our dedicated staff of recruitment professionals work hand in hand with institutions to reach their goals.

With more than five years of experience focused on higher education, Global Study Centre empowers institutions by providing a range of cross-media solutions and quality customer service, showing our clients how to communicate with the right student in the right way. Based in India but operating globally, our expertise covers strategy and policy to customer relationship management, marketing, branding, recruitment solutions and project management.

Global study centre is India’s premier ISO accredited education consulting company engaged in Students recruitment and actively involved in the promotion of Immigration abroad. At Global Study Centre, our key emphasis on quality and extensive facilities combined with our in-depth expertise in the foreign universities and institutions gives us the competitive edge in providing you custom-tailored educational choices in actuating your absolute higher educational aspirations abroad.

The dynamic Global Study Centreians bring in a collective experience of over a decade in education consulting across different counties, verticals, niche skills and immigration. The team understands and values insights required to comprehend international education sector and keeps abreast on latest regulations/rules in the foreign educational sector. This ensures an applicant is accurately recommended on current insights in the foreign educational sector helping them make informed educational choices.

Our pan Global presence across leading foreign universities helps in providing wider choices of courses and offers integrated educational consulting solutions and the one of the most reputed educational consulting firms in India.

The Global Study Centre’s difference

Through research, surveys, and client interaction, Global Study Centre has a strong understanding of today’s student. We are solution-centred, providing our clients with the creativity, counsel and information they need to achieve their marketing objectives. We work proactively: listening to our market and responding by educating our staff and developing appropriate services for our clients. As a result, we help our clients identify, communicate and keep their brand promise. A partnership with Global Study Centre allows colleges and universities to leverage their years of experience, cutting-edge products, and top-notch service tailored to serve the needs of students

The Global Study Centre concepts principle

Global Study Centre is a leading provider of student recruitment solutions in India. We believe that effective marketing of higher education institutions as a whole must be forward facing, and therefore we centre our services on the recruitment of students. Our services extend from strategic marketing advice to sending out mass mailings in India.

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Disaffirmation - Please note that Global Study Centre guides students seeking only for overseas education. We do not guide for work permits or immigration.

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